Denver's Best Dive Bar.
Mon-Fri 2 pm - 2 am; Sat/Sun 11 am - 2 am
723 E. 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

Since 1947:

Hot chicks, cold brews, and whiskey cocktails that taste so damn good. While no photographic evidence exists, it is a virtual certainty that Jack Kerouac threw back drinks at Don's during one of his noteworthy Denver stretches - e.g. during the era when he wrote the epic "On The Road." Don's defies typical bar classification: You can call it a "classic dive" or an "eclectic mix of richies and slackers" and be equally correct - and yet totally wrong.  Don's is a living thing, and a giving thing (think that great E.L.O. tune, circa 1978), and survives unchanged from its youth - save for the killer digital jukebox with a T-1 line that can play just about any song you've ever heard.